We know coordinating breaks on paper or/and white board can be painful. We know because we have done it for years. We re-imagined break management and created Statbreaks. We took the whiteboard off of the wall and put it in your pockets and the pockets of everyone you work with. We made all breaks a single swipe away.

There already is much going...

getting a break should be simple

We made it possible to request one with a single tap. It's that simple!

Knowing who's on the floor should not be hard.

We removed the guessing out of the equation.

Look up where your colleagues are assigned with one glance.

Remember that feeling when you didn't get a break?

Mistakes happen and we understand.

With real-time notifications, we believe we made it virtually impossible for anyone to be forgotten.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use statbreaks?

Statbreaks targets businesses where breaks have to be given by an employee of the same capacity. For example, in the hospital setting for a nurse to go a break, another one has to take over.

What other services does Statbreaks provide?

Statbreaks allows employers to make the schedule for their employees right from the app. Once made, every user has access to the schedule and their assignment.

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